The Stewardship Ministry at Saint Columba's

Sometimes it seems as if stewardship is simply an annual task, like taxes. But St. Columba’s strives to counter that perception, to treat stewardship as a constantly engaging expression of gratitude among individual parishioners, their church, and— mostly importantly—their God. It’s so much truer, and more joyful, that way.

The annual pledge appeal is just the most formal way we are asked to pitch in, and it’s for some pretty basic goals: keeping the lights on, the staff paid, the buildings and grounds in good shape, and our charitable efforts funded.

But we practice vital, dynamic stewardship every time we cook for—or clean up after—a gathering, work a tent at the Garden Party, donate a treasure to an auction, buy a gift for the annual Christmas giving tree, or give a warm welcome to a newcomer. The list is endless, and somehow, every time, the parishioners of St. Columba’s come through with what is needed.

The current Stewardship Committee consists of Fr. Erik, Senior Warden Meg Little, Junior Warden Rebecca Crowell, Treasurer Nancy Stafford, vestry members James Powell and Charlotte Richard, and Elise O’Shaughnessy. Like every regular churchgoer, they know how much is done by their fellow parishioners to make St. Columba’s such a special place of worship. Their gratitude is deep and heartfelt. Thank you all.

Pledge 2019