St. Columba’s has a warm and ready welcome for newcomers, whether they are walking through the door on impulse, visiting with friends and family, or looking for a spiritual home. People come to formal membership in many ways, and sometimes it can be months (or years!) before they are ready to make a full commitment.

But, as the ad says, membership has its privileges: a voice in the parish leadership, a feeling of belonging, and a sense of mission. As one parishioner recalls, “It took time, but eventually I figured out that St. Columba’s wasn’t just a beautiful chapel, or an inspiring rector, or a hardworking vestry: It was me, too.”

Our Episcopal Church (local and national) defines a member as someone who worships regularly and also gives faithfully to the work of the Church. This giving consists of our time, our abilities, and our financial resources. 

St. Columba’s hopes its members will get involved in four ways:

Worship. Come to services on a regular basis.

Education. Learn more about the Christian faith.

Parish life and outreach. Serve the church and the world in practical ways.

Stewardship. Make a financial contribution to the St. Columba’s ministry.

If you would like more information or to be on the St. Columba’s mailing list, please contact parish administrator Kathryn Warren at or (401) 847-5571. Courses are held regularly to introduce newcomers to the Episcopal Church, its life, and its theology.

We hope that you will want to join fully us in our journey – a journey to know God, to serve God, and to make God known. But we would rather have you with us informally than not at all.

St. Columba's Bylaws.

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